Healthy indoor air quality, with just a lick of paint.

Gush Cair

Purifies the air of pollutants, while controlling humidity.

Gush Cair Fresh

Air-purifying and stain-resistant paint. Great for homes prone to the odd mess.

Gush Prepair

Seal your walls before gliding on some colour. Toxic-free and carefree.

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Innovative features for a safer, healthier home.


Pollutants, begone.

Gush-coated surfaces break down pollutants for cleaner air 24/7.

We breathe 11,000 litres of air every day.

Our air-purifying function works 24/7, even at night.

Anti-moulding & anti-bacterial

Clean and fresh walls around the clock.

Antimicrobial agents in our paints stop mould in their tracks while microscopic tetrahedron structures eliminate up to 99% of bacteria.

Our paints remove 99% of pollutants in 21 hours.

Toxic-free & odourless

For your breathing pleasure.

Our paints are certified VOC-free and don’t release any toxic odours. Enjoy clean air and peace of mind.

Household materials such as furniture release invisible pollutants.