Protect buildings from
weathering elements.

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Gush Core X
Exterior Paint

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Gush Cool X
Exterior Paint

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Gush EcoSeal

Product features

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(Gush Cool X only)

Reflects 87% of solar irradiance. 

Enjoy up to 11.6% of cooling energy savings.

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Resists solar and
moisture related damage.

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Resists algae growth, maintaining
fresh cosmetic appearance.

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High dirt
pick-up resistance

Made possible by our proprietary
resin binder technology.

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Covers surface imperfections with
a full and even coat of colour.

Happy walls,
happy customers.

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Happy walls,
happy customers.

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Happy walls,
happy customers.

“Engaging Gush to paint my apartment was one of the best decisions I made in my renovation journey. Communicating with them was easy, and their staff were always very friendly and responsive.”


“I'll definitely recommend Gush if you ever need to buy paint! A wide variety of colours available. It's also easy to wipe it off from the floor if you have spilled it while painting. It's nice to see a local start-up redefining the painting experience.”


“Gush paint really lives up to its promises. There is absolutely no odour from after the job is done. Even my purifier shows extremely low levels of VOCs.”


“Gush was incredible! From the selection of paints, funny names of paints and customer service to help us make our dream home a reality! 🎨 We chose Blindfolds Off, and Sage Wand for our baby’s room. Highly recommended! Would make this a first choice for all new and existing home owners!”


“Excellent product, excellent services, excellent salespeople. I am so proud that I have chosen Gush for my new place. It has been a very enjoyable experience. Highly commendable. Simply love the paint absorbing odours while renovation is still in progress.”


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