Sunblock for your windows

For city-dwellers looking for a cooler home, unblocked views (or privacy), lower energy bills and sustainable home solutions – our window films do it all.




Stay cool with Gush ClearCool

Resilient cooling solution

With ceramic nanotechnology, Gush ClearCool can reduce indoor temperatures by up to 25ºC. Built to withstand years of sunlight exposure without discolouring.

Uncompromising views

Gush ClearCool offers clarity that doesn’t sacrifice visibility. Now you can take in the outdoor view, while staying cool indoors.

UV protection

UV rays emitted by the Sun can expedite ageing and can cause skin cancer. We aren’t safe from it, even when we’re indoors. By blocking a sizeable amount of UV rays, Gush ClearCool protects you while still allowing light to shine right in.

Kinder to the environment

Gush ClearCool is an eco-friendly solution for lowering temperatures. Other cooling solutions, such as air-conditioning units, generate heat and greenhouse gases that worsen global warming.

Cooler homes, at cooler costs.


Less solar transmissions


Savings on cooling energy


Of harmful UV rays blocked

3 transparency levels

Whether you’re looking for total privacy or crystal clear views, we’ve got just the films to keep you cool.

ClearCool 5

5% light transmission

Made for more privacy.

ClearCool 35

35% light transmission

Not too bright, not too dark.

ClearCool 76

76% light transmission

Let there be light, with clear views.

Install like a pro.

Don’t sweat installing our window films. Our in-house team conducts onsite assessment reports to ensure smooth and speedy installations.

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