We believe in better spaces for a better future.

That’s why we design innovative products rooted in science to transform lives and your well-being.

True wellness is plural, not singular.

Wellness goes beyond the personal. We hope to unify people with products that inspire better choices in life.

Innovative solutions to global problems

Our products help to tackle specific climate issues, giving you the power to help our planet – from cleaning our homes, to cleaning the world.

Air pollution
Climate change
Hotter cities
  • Gush Interior Paints purify your air

    With humanity now spending almost all their time indoors, exposure to indoor air pollutants poses a greater risk. It’s an increasingly common reason for illness, lower productivity and reduced wellbeing.

    Our interior paints keep indoor air quality levels healthy by empowering walls and ceilings with air-purifying features - without the need for light or electricity.

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  • Gush Exterior Paints shield your home

    Global warming has caused weather patterns to become more severe, increasing the rate of deterioration and damage that building facades now have to endure.

    Our exterior paints increase the resistance of external surfaces against the elements, while improving a building's cooling energy efficiency and reducing maintenance costs.

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  • Gush ClearCool keeps your spaces cool

    The Urban Heat Island (UHI) Effect creates hotspots of trapped heat in cities, increasing the risk of heat stress. But relying on cooling machinery is raising Earth's temperature even further.

    Our window films keep indoor spaces cool by blocking outside heat, lowering cooling energy consumption while keeping views through your windows clear.

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Our commitment is in the loop.

Our circular loop system allows for our products and community to work hand-in-hand to achieve a sustainable future.

Let’s create a world we can gush about.

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