A guide to new names and looks

2 Min
A guide to new names and looks

2 Min

Same magic, new look. 

We’re the same ol’ Gush, but with a fresh new look and product names. After going through a major rebrand last year, our product packaging and product names deserved a much-needed facelift too. We brought our signature neons onto our packaging, and made it look vibrant and evocative. It’s art, it’s science, it’s colour. It’s everything that we love. But most importantly, it’s modern and innovative.

Gush Cair >> Gush Care. 

A paint that cares.

Over the years, we learned from our international friends of the many meanings of ‘Cair’.

In Malay: watery or liquid
In Portugese: to fall
In Irish: to twist

While the Malay translation is beautifully serendipitous, we like to be language inclusive and say what we mean, mean what we say. And so Cair became Care and the rest is now history.

Gush Cair Fresh >> Gush CleanCare

Clean walls are just a wipe away.

You get the drift. A paint that cares and cleans off easily — it’s stain-resistant.

Gush Care vs Gush CleanCare

Gush Prepair >> Gush EcoSeal

Partners in prime.

While ‘Prepair’ is an amalgamation of preparing and repairing, we thought EcoSeal would be a succinct way to communicate what our sealer does: it’s eco-friendly and it seals.

We also have a small suite of exterior paints that went through an overhaul.

Gush Airdge >> Gush Core X

Get to the core of it.

Another semi-complicated word, ‘Airdge’ had multiple pronunciations with the right one being ‘Edge’. Gush Core X communicates how it’s a core product — one that sets your building foundations right. With ‘X’ denoting ‘Exterior’, this allows us to create new product variants in the future from interior, to exterior.

Gush Airdge Solar Reflection >> Gush Cool X

The coolest paint.

Our favourite of the lot, Gush Cool X does exactly what it says. It’s a thermal shield for your buildings that repels heat, thus keeping you cooler indoors while helping you reduce energy bills. Cool, huh?

The full suite of Gush paints.

If you’d like a one-glance snapshot of every Gush product out there, we’ve got you. Open it, save it, send it to your friends. It’s an easy and handy way to learn what’s good for your needs and budget too.

Parting words

Through it all, one thing remains true through and through. We love paint. We love colour. We love humans and the spaces we inhabit. We love the planet we call home. These are our guiding principles and we’re always learning, improving and innovating products that have passion and purpose. We’re more than just paint. We’re Gush.

Shop Gush Interior Paints now. 

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