Joyce's Gush-infused art studio: where soulful spontaneity lives

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Joyce's Gush-infused art studio: where soulful spontaneity lives

4 Min

Introducing: Joyce Chong, a Singaporean artist

In our casual sit-down chat with Joyce — one’s things for sure — she knows herself, and makes no apologies for it. As an exceptional artist with a passion for abstract expressionism, Joyce’s art journey was far from traditional. Having excelled in the science stream, she never really gave art much of a thought. However, during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, she endured a life-altering accident that left her on bed rest for 6 months. It was then when she found art to be the greatest healer.

Prior to her accident, Joyce was under the tutelage of renowned local artist, Mei Ho. When she experienced the desolate loneliness of lockdown on top of her injury, things changed for her and she found her true calling. She recalls her lessons with the advice to “feel it!”. And feel, she did. When faced with a blank canvas and a palette of colours, Joyce poured her heart and soul with every stroke of the brush — creating abstract art pieces that express every fathomable emotion. While a good way to channel her emotions, she never thought it would give birth to a career in the arts when multiple people expressed interest in purchasing her art. That’s when Joyce transitioned from hobbyist to a full blown professional making waves in the Singapore art scene.

No stranger to paint

When asked about what she thought about Gush, she answers quickly and without a shadow of doubt: “Young, cool and hip”. She first learned about Gush through her friends raving about this new local brand with odourless paints. Paint-related odour is notorious for extending move-in timelines for homes by a week at minimum. But with Gush, that issue was non-existent. This piqued her interest, also noting that she’s particularly sensitive to dust and odours. Similarly so for her British Shorthair cat named Milkshake — a breed with shorter noses susceptible to high sensitivities.

Her first experience with our paints were in the most intimate setting yet: the master bedroom. A standout amidst her fully wallpapered home, this particular room faced persistent peeling from underlying water seepage. Just 2 coats of Gush paints, and that’s now a distant memory. Now Joyce forays into a deeply personal journey: her very first private studio, and giving it the full Gush treatment for good measure.

From student to private art studio owner

Fast forward to the year 2024. Joyce just received the keys to her first ever private art studio — a place she can call her own. It’s not just a space to paint and display her works; but a home away from home where she’s free to let her thoughts wander as freely as her brush. Designed purposefully with a built-in bar, it serves as an intimate space to meet and connect with collectors — with art as a conversation starter. Every piece of art she creates is an extension of her soul, carefully nurtured as an emotional outpouring. Where she can, she finds solace in connecting with collectors and understanding their resonance to her art — forever bound together by it.

No longer restricted to wallpaper, Joyce now has the freedom to paint her walls and experience the world of Gush through and through. Choosing the colour All Good Things felt like a no-brainer. The whitest of white paints, it serves as a clean white slate for her walls — allowing her vibrant art pieces to take center stage while benefiting from the multitude of features it offers.

When asked about how she feels using Gush, she tells us, “As artists, we’re always exposed to toxic fumes like varnish. I’ve to wear those alien-looking masks to protect myself. So where I can, I try to minimise the exposure and risk. Using Gush helps with that.” On top of that, she particularly enjoys the stain-resistant feature that Gush CleanCare offers, enjoying the peace of mind and flexibility of cleaning up inevitable stains on her walls.

On baring your soul in art

Whenever asked about her art, Joyce speaks with a sparkle in her eye. She shares about her art style, “I’m an abstract expressionist artist. So I don’t have a single artistic direction. I’ve created a body of work that’s in different styles, but similar in that they’re all abstraction pieces. My art can be described as somewhat eclectic yet soothing; dramatic, yet harmonious. When people use the word ‘soulful’, to describe my art, it makes me happy. I use my heart and soul to paint a single piece. Art is not what you see, it’s what you feel. I believe that every single piece belongs to a single person”.

On the flip side, she reveals that her art making process is completely random. “It’s just about having the urge to paint your feelings; being inspired by feelings, or anything and everything. It could be a visit to the museum, a walk in the park. It’s random, it’s spontaneous”.

On the role of colour in art

Joyce believes that colour is not a means to an end for an artist. “Colour, to me, is every fibre of the being. Colour is the storyteller. Every single skip of the heartbeat. And colour is the one that brings out the emotion of the artist”. When asked if she gravitates to any particular colour — she plays no favourites — there’s a mood for every colour.

On wellness

As Joyce embarks on a new journey in her brand new private studio, Gush remains as her silent sidekick. Beyond its stain-resistance and odourlessness, these paints contribute to an environment where creativity thrives. Joyce remarks about how the paints’ air-purifying feature helps to clean both the air, and her mind too — allowing her to focus on creativity. She believes that wellness is having a good painting day, staying true to herself and giving back. With Gush, her studio is now a soulful sanctuary that allows her to reach for the stars.


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