Benefits of using zero-VOC paint

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Benefits of using zero-VOC paint

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Why Zero-VOC paint should be your only choice. 

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A fresh coat of paint can be transformative. Dark rooms become brighter, unused corners become more inviting, and overwhelming spaces can become peaceful sanctuaries. Most people spend more time deciding paint colours rather than the chemicals that paint tends to bring into our homes.

At Gush, we’ve formulated paints that are the best of both world: beautiful colours, with everlasting benefits. Our paints not only contain zero VOCs, but also has 5 other features specially formulated to improve indoor air quality.

What are VOCs?

Volatile organic compounds, or VOCs for short, include chemicals such as formaldehyde, fungicides, benzene, and ethylene glycol. These compounds are released into the air as paint is applied and dries. It’s what causes the “new paint smell” most of us associate with a home makeover. While the amount of VOCs a paint can off gas into your home is regulated by environmental statutory agencies; the fewer VOCs, the better to minimise health and environmental risks.

Health hazards of VOCs.

Traditional paints, even after application and drying, continue to release VOCs into the air. They can stay in your home for weeks, even years for certain compounds. Breathing in these fumes can lead to an array of health problems including difficulty breathing, headaches, and nausea.

Those with multiple chemical sensitivities, asthma or other breathing problems, as well as children and the elderly, may be more susceptible to the effects of VOCs. Long-term exposure to these compounds can also cause nerve damage, issues with pregnancy, or damage to the liver and kidneys.

They come from everywhere.

VOCs aren’t just present in paint. Many common home renovation materials, including particleboard and drywall, contain these compounds. Even your mattress and home furnishings contain VOCs, typically from flame retardants or stain resistant coatings that are added during manufacturing.

Unfortunately, many of these compounds are also completely odourless – meaning you might know you’ve been exposed to them until you experience health effects.

Benefits of using zero-VOC paint.

Fewer toxins

As mentioned, traditional paints and material off-gas and release numerous harmful chemicals into your home and environment. These are the toxins that often cause irritation — sore throats, watery or burning eyes, or coughing, to name a few. These toxins make it hard to enjoy relaxing in your newly-painted home.

As low and no VOC paints release far fewer of these toxins into the air, they are much gentler and safer for you and your family as you enjoy the comforts of your new home.

Quicker drying.

Often, home painting means you need to run fans, keep windows open and stay out of your home for days while the paint dries and the smell is ventilated completely. Many are finding that low and no-VOC paints dry more quickly than traditional paints – even by a difference of hours. Low VOC paints don’t have quite as many chemical additives that allow for paint to flow as traditional paints do. You’ll be able to add a second coat, and enjoy your freshly painted room, sooner.

No odour.

Without the harmful chemical compounds present and releasing gases, low and no VOC paints produce little to no odour, allowing you and your family to breathe easy in your home. This also makes the painting process much more comfortable.

The environmentally friendly option.

Low VOC paints often use more environmentally-friendly manufacturing practices and plant-based materials in their formulas. Low VOC paints also release far fewer ozone-harming chemicals, and are less likely to introduce harmful chemicals into the groundwater or landfills. This allows you to create an inviting home now, while protecting the earth for your loved ones and future generations.

Simple cleaning.

Traditional paints tend to be more durable, because the VOCs used enhance spot and stain resistance. It’s what may keep walls looking cleaner, longer. But with no-VOC paints, cleaning up your newly painted surfaces often is as easy as using soap and water. You can still keep your walls clean, while not using as many potentially harmful cleansers in the process.

Assurance during painting, and long after.

With the benefits of low or no odours, faster drying times, and easier cleanup, the painting process using no-VOC paints is much more pleasant.

VOC-free paints like Gush can even reduce humidity, help regulate a room’s humidity levels, and combat bacteria and mould – keeping your home cleaner and safer. Even better? Our paint formula actively breaks down VOCs that come in contact with it, allowing you to have the peace of mind that even after the painting is done, your ceilings and walls are keeping harmful VOCs at bay.

As paint technology continues to evolve, and environmental awareness continues to guide many purchasing decisions – especially when it comes to our homes – choosing no-VOC paints allows you to create a peaceful home with great colours, while also keeping your loved ones safe.

Non-toxic and VOC-free: Learn more about Gush’s air-purifying features.

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