“I slept soundly even though the room was painted only hours ago.” Why Gush paints are the safer choice.

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“I slept soundly even though the room was painted only hours ago.” Why Gush paints are the safer choice.

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No more paint fumes – now nothing’s stopping you
from enjoying a refreshed home

It’ll stink up my whole house. That’s probably one of the reasons stopping you (and many others) from repainting your home. And so you endure the faded colours, ugly stain marks and peeled patches until the condition gets bad enough to justify the hassle of repainting.

It’s a logical reason. Paint fumes are dangerous for the toxic chemicals they contain. Known as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), they irritate the eyes, nose and throat, and cause chronic headaches and more severe respiratory conditions in the long term.

Thankfully, there’s now a paint option that avoids, and even eliminates, odours completely. So you can safely get your home back to its best, without the toxic smells.

A truly odourless, non-toxic indoor paint

Low-VOC paints are available today, but these only reduce the amount of chemicals in your air and don’t give you a completely safe environment. Or, you could opt for an odourless paint, but these can still contain VOCs. You might not smell the fumes, but still experience irritation and other symptoms.

Gush paints are certified VOC-free, so there’s no toxic particles in the air, odourless or not. In fact, our customers are surprised by the lack of fumes even during painting. You’re able to sleep safely in the same room you just painted.

Zero odours: check. But Gush paints takes this a step further.

The toxic-free, smell-free
paint that purifies your air

Gush paints are formulated with air-purifying technology. The paint contains catalysts and forms a chemical layer when applied, breaking down air pollutants (like VOCs) that linger in your spaces. That means besides being odourless, Gush-painted walls constantly remove odours from your home as well.

This layer is powerful enough to break down mold spores, bacteria and even absorb excess humidity. It removes air pollutants coming from other sources in your home, including offgassing furniturehousehold cleaning products and electronic devices.

Protecting you and your loved ones

By being a safer paint to use, and improving your home’s indoor air quality, Gush paints protect you and your family (yes, your pets too!) from indoor air pollution. Enjoy peace of mind within your newly transformed space – easy on the eyes, and on your health. All it takes is a coat of Gush paint, and if you need help painting, our preferred painting service partner, Groundworks, will take great care of you. 

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